Our Black Sabbath Tribute band EVIL WOMAN is reuniting for these exclusive shows over christmas. So happy to be playing with these cats again!
Trouble; voice, keys / Domi Chansorn; drums / Flo Götte; bass / Michael Flury; trombone

21.12 Zukunft Zürich CH
22.12. Mokka Thun CH
23.12. Kaschemme Basel CH

We will play Black Sabbath tunes only and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. see you there! trouble.

Trouble plays Sabbath1.jpg


I have the pleasure to open for german band PICTURES on these upcoming dates:

06.12. Hannover - Lux
07.12. Köln - Blue Shell
08.12. Lingen - Alter Schlachthof
09.12. Berlin - Badehaus

Yay! Joining me is BIG FLIP THE MASSIVE on drums and new tunes, new sounds, new shoes.

love to all, see you there. trouble.



New video out today! It is a virtual memorial of our former tourbus JIMMY BOEING and I want to dedicate it to the late Trouble band for the wonderful summers of music, inspiration and support; Rebecca Vonlaufen, Flo Götte, Domi Chansorn, Olivier Zurkirchen, Paul Amereller, Tapiwa Svosve. Thank you.

THX: Tapiwa Svosve, Olivier Zurkirchen and Mayka Gräflein for filming, Jessi Fischer for lending her camera, Yury Sharov for postproduction, Christina Korapecki for Celloparts, Otis Sandsjö for Outromagic and Flo Götte for insisting we do this.


Hey internet! I hope you are enjoying summer. What's new here? Everything and nothing, at the same time. You know how some things take time? I thought I knew, but was far from it. Like waiting for hair to grow, slo-mo, without wearing a wig, but constantly shaving. A bit like that. Quite new to me, I think they call it patience. I call it staying excited about a future that escapes me. Or the hold-your-horses-while-you-still-can-dance.
Hope you are all well and sane and healthy, wherever you are!
I'll be back when the hair is right.


There hasn´t been a moment of boredom since I joined the band TRUST, a project by rapper STRESS and Gabriel Spahni from Pegasus. I´ve ended up somewhere I haven´t been before. On a cross, singing to a drone. On an island, sitting on the back of a horse. On mainstream radio, arguing about politics with the host… A new Video is out today (watch here) and we´re playing two exclusive festival shows where I have the pleasure to play the keytar and sing.

2.07. TRUST live at St. Gallen Open Air // St. Gallen CH
7.07. Guest with STRESS live at Stars of Sounds // Murten CH
13.07. TRUST Gurten Festival // Bern CH

Meanwhile new Trouble songs are taking shape and things are falling into place here and there. run-run-run/ onwards-trouble.

(Photo by Cyrill Matter)


I had the honor to contribute to this Remix Album of Lucia Cadotsch – SPEAK LOW with a rendition of “Slow Hot Wind”. LISTEN HERE.
We will celebrate the release with a big concert on the 26th of May at Kantine am Berghain, Berlin with this wonderful Line-Up: Big Flip The Massive / Lucia Cadotsch / Petter Eldh / Otis Sandsjö / Joy Frempong / Colin Vallon / Julian Sartorius / Marc Lohr / Dan Nicholls / Trummerschlunk / Marc Neyen / Don Philippe.
So excited to join forces with all these cats! Be there! Tickets here.

Otherwise keeping calm these days while trying to stay excited about a future that escapes me! love to you and you. trouble.


Thanks everyone who came to see us play on the last few dates. There won’t be any shows for a while now. Trouble needs to figure out the question if music can change the world, or if it should stop trying. Also there is a new album to produce.
But for those of you lucky enough to live in Poland, UWPP is in town!

21 + 22. April // 7PM at NOWY TEATR, Warsaw

J’attendrai. See you sometime.

Photo by Peter Baracchi ©


We’re playing five exclusive shows in Switzerland to celebrate the coming of spring in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

06.04. Luzern, Südpol
09.04. Zürich, El Lokal
11.04. Basel, Parterre
14.04. La Tessinoise Festival w/ Peter Kernel
15.04. Jona, ZAK w/ JPTR

And UWPP will be stopping by Südpol Luzern next week for two shows. (Psychedelic Theatre by Thom Luz with Trouble performing as knight in shining armour) 29 / 30 March TICKETS HERE.

See you there! Stay awake! truly-truly-trying-to-be-yours-trouble.



Piano, Vocals, Synth: Evelinn Trouble
Saxophone: Tapiwa Svosve
Recorded by Evelinn Trouble, Dec/Jan 2016
Mixed by Roland Vollenweider at Subglue Studios, Zürich


I expected more of this year and of this world. I still do. My deepest wish for 2017? I WANT A GLOBAL PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT OF PROGRESS TOWARDS A BETTER WORLD.
I want free movement for every person on this planet. I want human rights to be respected by international corporations and governements. I want laws that protect the environment. I want laws that end consumerism and mass production. I want art and culture that isn’t mass production. I want state-owned media to be more progressive and diverse. I want private owned media to be held to standards of journalism. I want to see the global music industry in the hands of musicians, not thiefs. I want advertising out of my face and a trial phase of 20 years of matriarchat worldwide. The list goes on, but it starts here. Most of all I wanna stop whining and take action to see it changed, alongside people that feel the same way. That is -at this moment- my deepest wish for the future.
- ET.16.DEC.2016.


BIG THANKS TO Yury Sharov Mayka Gräflein Hansueli Tischhauser Flo Goette Olivier Zurkirchen Domi Chansorn Basil Kobert Fai Baba


UNUSUAL WEATHER PHENOMENA PROJECT is going on tour next week with stops in Amsterdam and Montpellier!

11.10. + 12.10. Théâtre La Vignette // Montpellier FR –>INFO
15.10. + 16.10. Stadsschouwburg // Amsterdam NL –>INFO

It’s a modern play by Thom Luz about the physicist William Corliss who spent his life documenting unnatural phenomena of the world. I play a knight in shining armour that sings opera. Read about it here or watch this trailer. After that me and the boys are going on tour! More info soon.

xx.stay sane.no-shoes-new-shoes-trouble.


Thank you TAPIWA SVOSVE for the beautiful saxophone parts, Olivier Zurkirchen a.k.a. OLAN for the technobeat and YURY SHAROV for filming with a high fever.

I’ll-be-seeing-you // onward-outward-bound-trouble.

Come see us live before everything changes, here:
13.08.2016 Openair Bielersee// Vinelz CH
19.08.2016 Wuhrplatzfest // Langenthal CH
10.09.2016 Glücklich Festival // Luzern CH


We had a great run of festival shows so far, thank you GARTENFESTIVAL BERN, GENA FESTIVAL AVULLY, FESTI’NEUCH to name a few. Take a look at some pictures here.

These are the next dates:
13.08.2016 Openair Bielersee // Vinelz CH
19.08.2016 Wuhrplatzfest // Langenthal CH
10.09.2016 Glücklich Festival // Luzern CH

xx. see you there. lots of love and all that. trouble.


UNUSUAL WEATHER PHENOMENA PROJECT is headed to Munich and Basel next week! And me and the boys will play our first festival show of the year at IMAGINE Festival!! That’s two reasons for me to be very excited and use lots of exclamation marks!!!31 May // 1 / 2 June // UWPP at Münchner Kammerspiele –> TICKETS !!!
3 / 4 / 5 June // UWPP at Kaserne Basel –> TICKETS !!!

4 June // Trouble and band at Imagine Festival Basel // 22.30 H // FREE!!!

Hardcore fans amongst you can catch both UWPP AND the band on the 4th of June!!! Isn’t that insane!!!!!!!
About UWPP: I highly recommend this theatre I’m in! I have a double role; a knight in shining armour that tranforms into a cloud that explains things and sings!!!
So see you!!!! xx!!!! trouble!!!!

Live at Forks Festival 2015 © Joel Bovy


I am very excited about this saturday 7th of May when I will playing a duo show with Domi Chansorn. He will play a little psychedelic solo to start the night. See you there!
Trouble: voice/ keys/ guitar/ loops // Chansorn: drums/ FX

7 May // Royal Baden // 9 PM

Facebook Event click here.


Hi friends!
Back in the London Jungle, taking care of business. Lots of theatre shows and band shows coming up, have a look and take your pick!
In other news; “Arrowhead” is finally out on Vinyl!! You can order it here.
Or even better; go to your local record store.

xx. trouble.


The last two months I have been rehearsing for this new theatre by Thom Luz that tries to turn strange weather phenomena into music. We’ve been chasing rainbows, scoring fog temperatures, singing opera and mending tape recorders and the result amazes me! Read more about it here.

10 / 11 / 12 / 13 March // Gessnerallee Zürich –>TICKETS
17 / 18 / 19 / 20 March // Théatre Vidy –>TICKETS

More dates to come.
xx. trouble.

Happy 2016 everyone. May it be different this time around. // lightbeam-trouble.


It was a) lovely and b) exhausting. Thank you everyone who was involved in it one way or another! What’s next? Give me a second and I’ll figure it out. Meanwhile here is a video of a tribute to Lou Reed who died around this time two years ago (†27.10.2013). Filmed by Matthias.

love+ arrows/ trouble.