UNUSUAL WEATHER PHENOMENA PROJECT is headed to Munich and Basel next week! And me and the boys will play our first festival show of the year at IMAGINE Festival!! That’s two reasons for me to be very excited and use lots of exclamation marks!!!31 May // 1 / 2 June // UWPP at Münchner Kammerspiele –> TICKETS !!!
3 / 4 / 5 June // UWPP at Kaserne Basel –> TICKETS !!!

4 June // Trouble and band at Imagine Festival Basel // 22.30 H // FREE!!!

Hardcore fans amongst you can catch both UWPP AND the band on the 4th of June!!! Isn’t that insane!!!!!!!
About UWPP: I highly recommend this theatre I’m in! I have a double role; a knight in shining armour that tranforms into a cloud that explains things and sings!!!
So see you!!!! xx!!!! trouble!!!!

Live at Forks Festival 2015 © Joel Bovy