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news from trouble // december 2014

Dear all,


It‘s the holy season and - like every year - I intend to annihilate myself and be newborn by the end of it.

Meanwhile, I have some very exciting shows coming up.

Me and my two magic companions will perform ARROWHEAD in it‘s newest newbornest form. It keeps changing still, like everything else does in this damned dimension.


now get lost!

and take my love with you!




news from trouble // november 2014

For this special occasion me and Joy have dug out our secret, most treasured songs. They haven‘t been played in public before. One is about holes, one is about Lunacy, another one is about a showdown of love. And we slipped in a classic from the „Wizard of Oz“. There will be a grandpiano and probably some whisky.



see you here there




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