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news from trouble // january 2019 /// January Shows. 


Welcome to a new year of Trouble and other, less unsettling states of mind.

I hope life is being good to you and the size of your wishes does not exceed every day sunrise.

Here‘s to doing things and being alive on earth.

I‘m starting work on my new record these days, the first one since „Arrowhead“ in 2014.

It might be called NOTHING NEW HERE, but it might not.

Send me your kind thoughts and prayers as I am taking myself apart

yet another time, to find out what it is.

All my love to you.

What is it?


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news from trouble // march_april 2019 // OMNILOVE.

Dear you and you! It‘s on!! And then it‘s off again. How was I supposed to know I‘m projecting when u make my light shine like that? Hey-ho what? -trouble.

news from trouble // march 2019 // SOLO.

Internet! It‘s been a while. I was busy arriving somewhere. Then sat in silence for a long time until one night my room was filled with ghosts. Now I don‘t know if I wanna be so quiet again. Alright,


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