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news from trouble // march 2015



Playing Salomé in the remake of the classical opera by Richard Strauss, we‘ve taken the original content and I‘ve written new music for it. It‘s the story of a princess of a rotten kingdom who always gets what she wants. When the prophet Iokanaan refuses her love, she has his head served to her on a silver plate. Yes, she is a mental case.

„Regret is in my smile, but joy is my tears

as I dance to the sound

of the wings in the wind

and the whimper of thee;

I will make you bleed.

‚Cause you chose to believe

and you chose not to see.“

Hope to see you there. It might be cathartic.

Speaking of; Catharsis I-III is now on Soundcloud.


Lunacy!! Lunacy!!


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