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news from trouble // october 2017

Hi friends!

There has been a long silence, let‘s catch up...

I lost my mind in July, found it again in early September. Dabbled in meditation and tried to arrive in the moment. Spent some time there and decided it was scary. Took a train that ran in a circle, then got off and decided to walk. Passed by a dog and made eye contact. Found new friends, including myself. 

Now it‘s ok forever, the arrow is straight and I got new plans HEY!

New video out today! It is a virtual memorial of our former tourbus JIMMY BOEING and I want to dedicate it to the late Trouble band for the wonderful summers of music, inspiration and support; Rebecca Vonlaufen, Flo Götte, Domi Chansorn, Olivier Zurkirchen, Paul Amereller, Tapiwa Svosve.

That‘s the plan(s)

I hope life has you well

speak soon

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