I had the honor to contribute to this Remix Album of Lucia Cadotsch – SPEAK LOW with a rendition of “Slow Hot Wind”. LISTEN HERE.
We will celebrate the release with a big concert on the 26th of May at Kantine am Berghain, Berlin with this wonderful Line-Up:
Big Flip The Massive / Lucia Cadotsch / Petter Eldh / Otis Sandsjö / Joy Frempong / Colin Vallon / Julian Sartorius / Marc Lohr / Dan Nicholls / Trummerschlunk / Marc Neyen / Don Philippe

So excited to join forces with all these cats! Be there! Tickets here.

Otherwise keeping calm these days while trying to stay excited about a future that escapes me! love to you and you. trouble.


Thanks everyone who came to see us play on the last few dates. There won’t be any shows for a while now. Trouble needs to figure out the question if music can change the world, or if it should stop trying. Also there is a new album to produce.
But for those of you lucky enough to live in Poland, UWPP is in town!

21 + 22. April // 7PM at NOWY TEATR, Warsaw

J’attendrai. See you sometime.

Photo by Peter Baracchi ©


We’re playing five exclusive shows in Switzerland to celebrate the coming of spring in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

06.04. Luzern, Südpol
09.04. Zürich, El Lokal
11.04. Basel, Parterre
14.04. La Tessinoise Festival w/ Peter Kernel
15.04. Jona, ZAK w/ JPTR 

And UWPP will be stopping by Südpol Luzern next week for two shows. (Psychedelic Theatre by Thom Luz with Trouble performing as knight in shining armour) 29 / 30 March TICKETS HERE.

See you there! Stay awake! truly-truly-trying-to-be-yours-trouble.


////////////////////////OPEN THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!//////////////////////

Piano, Vocals, Synth: Evelinn Trouble
Saxophone: Tapiwa Svosve
Recorded by Evelinn Trouble, Dec/Jan 2016
Mixed by Roland Vollenweider at Subglue Studios, Zürich


I expected more of this year and of this world. I still do. My deepest wish for 2017? I WANT A GLOBAL PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT OF PROGRESS TOWARDS A BETTER WORLD.
I want free movement for every person on this planet. I want human rights to be respected by international corporations and governements. I want laws that protect the environment. I want laws that end consumerism and mass production. I want art and culture that isn’t mass production. I want state-owned media to be more progressive and diverse. I want private owned media to be held to standards of journalism. I want to see the global music industry in the hands of musicians, not thiefs. I want advertising out of my face and a trial phase of 20 years of matriarchat worldwide. The list goes on, but it starts here. Most of all I wanna stop whining and take action to see it changed, alongside people that feel the same way. That is -at this moment- my deepest wish for the future.
- ET.16.DEC.2016.