We’re playing five exclusive shows in Switzerland to celebrate the coming of spring in hopes of a brighter tomorrow.

06.04. Luzern, Südpol
09.04. Zürich, El Lokal
11.04. Basel, Parterre
14.04. La Tessinoise Festival w/ Peter Kernel
15.04. Jona, ZAK w/ JPTR 

And UWPP will be stopping by Südpol Luzern next week for two shows. (Psychedelic Theatre by Thom Luz with Trouble performing as knight in shining armour) 29 / 30 March TICKETS HERE.

See you there! Stay awake! truly-truly-trying-to-be-yours-trouble.


////////////////////////OPEN THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!//////////////////////

Piano, Vocals, Synth: Evelinn Trouble
Saxophone: Tapiwa Svosve
Recorded by Evelinn Trouble, Dec/Jan 2016
Mixed by Roland Vollenweider at Subglue Studios, Zürich


I expected more of this year and of this world. I still do. My deepest wish for 2017? I WANT A GLOBAL PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT OF PROGRESS TOWARDS A BETTER WORLD.
I want free movement for every person on this planet. I want human rights to be respected by international corporations and governements. I want laws that protect the environment. I want laws that end consumerism and mass production. I want art and culture that isn’t mass production. I want state-owned media to be more progressive and diverse. I want private owned media to be held to standards of journalism. I want to see the global music industry in the hands of musicians, not thiefs. I want advertising out of my face and a trial phase of 20 years of matriarchat worldwide. The list goes on, but it starts here. Most of all I wanna stop whining and take action to see it changed, alongside people that feel the same way. That is -at this moment- my deepest wish for the future.
- ET.16.DEC.2016.


BIG THANKS TO Yury Sharov Mayka Gräflein Hansueli Tischhauser Flo Goette Olivier Zurkirchen Domi Chansorn Basil Kobert Fai Baba


UNUSUAL WEATHER PHENOMENA PROJECT is going on tour next week with stops in Amsterdam and Montpellier!

11.10. + 12.10. Théâtre La Vignette // Montpellier FR –>INFO
15.10. + 16.10. Stadsschouwburg // Amsterdam NL –>INFO

It’s a modern play by Thom Luz about the physicist William Corliss who spent his life documenting unnatural phenomena of the world. I play a knight in shining armour that sings opera. Read about it here or watch this trailer. After that me and the boys are going on tour! More info soon.

xx.stay sane.no-shoes-new-shoes-trouble.