I made a nursery rhyme for grown-ups. Enjoy // trouble.

New Roadmovie.

I made a little Roadmovie with some images of our tour last summer.
Thanks to the very talented Yury Sharov for the edit and Sarah Rathgeb for filming.

Me and the two co-stars of this epic piece of film (Flo Götte and Domi Chansorn) will head to the studio in June to record “Arrowhead”.
We won’t play any concerts before fall ’cause there’s that sea dividing us and big words and air. In the meantime don’t forget about us. Or me.

guitars//blood//foggy notions//arrowhead-trouble.



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Heyhey. Vote for Flowing !! Best Swiss Videoclip 2014.
thank you // arrowhead-outward-bound trouble

Best Swiss Video Clip.

Unexpected, but nice: We are nominated as one of the 5 best swiss video clips with “Flowing”. There is a voting and it comes with prize.


Thank you! There’s time until the end of march, when the winner will be announced at the m4music Festival. The prize involves some money, which we could use to mend our car Jimmy and the fender bassman.
So thanks! Spread it!

love + bassmen. // arrowhead-hustle-trouble.

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to watch, click on the image.


Hi and thanks to everyone who came to our Shows of the ENDINGS Tour. Also a big thanks to all the nice promoters who booked us. And most of all MY AIRIEST THANKS to Flo, Domi & Rebecca for being up to so much TROUBLE with me.
I am back in London working on new songs to be released in the summer.
Let me have you know that it’s rainy here, every day. Flo is busy with
Disco Doom and mending his Fender Bassman that went up in smoke on tour. Domi is in the studio working on new material of his own. And I’m busy worrying about the shape of things. Let me know if you have a solution.

ok bye now // trouble.

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Live At Moods 28.12.2013