Hey there. Arrowhead is out in Switzerland now.
Buy it digital here (Itunes) or physical here (

To celebrate the new songs we are going on a little tour: 

1.10. La Datcha, Lausanne CH
2.10. Dachstock, Bern CH
3.10. Lady Bar, Basel CH
16.10. Le Singe, Biel CH
17.10. Le Bateau Ivre, Mons BE
20.10. The Finsbury, London UK
21.10. Powerlunches, Dalston UK
22.10. Mother’s Ruin, Bristol UK
23.10. Shacklewell Arms, London UK
24.10. Mau Mau Bar, London UK
25.10. The Union Bar, Hastings UK
30.10. Moods, Zürich CH
31.10. Mokka, Thun CH

Looking forward to playing for you.


New song and video “Touching Air”. We shot it on different locations in London, with help of a few nice people; THANK YOU Hackspace London, Angi for ass, Simon for car, Michael for fish tank and Stress for driving!
Yury, Eleanna, Manon, Vini, Albert. Thanks. Enjoy.
Arrowhead is out on the 4th September. big love. trouble.


We have a little tour coming in the fall, for the big come down of the planet and the mind (to make it a bit easier for all of you, and us.) And also, because ARROWHEAD is finally out.

1.10. La Datcha, Lausanne
2.10. Dachstock, Bern
3.10. Lady Bar, Basel
16.10. Le Singe, Biel
21.10. Powerlunches, Dalston
22.10. Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
30.10. Moods, Zürich
31.10. Mokka, Thun

big love.
some other tomorrow.


Dear Community.
It’s boarding time for London again. Thank you all for a great and busy month…FLO ♥ Domi Chansorn ♥ Olivier Zurkirchen ♥ Rebecca Vonlaufen ♥ Michael Flury ♥ Noah ♥ Stress and Band ♥ Vale and thank you Matthias for this video!
I noticed lots of people filming at our shows; send us your footage, we’d love to see our stupid faces from the outside!

Sebright Arms / London SOLO SHOW
Dalston Music Festival, venue TBA / London SOLO SHOW
Montreux Jazz Festival at The Rock Cave / Montreux




Hi there good people of anywhere.
This is some of what I will be doing in the summer:

07.06.2015 Usine, Genève w/ Shannon Wright
BLACK SABBATH Tribute at Secret location, Zürich
17.06.2015 Neubad, Luzern
19.06.2015 Schmittner Openair, Schmitten
14.07.2015 Secret Location, Bern
16.07.2015 Montreux Jazz Festival at Rock Cave, Montreux

Joining us for this little tour is Oli Zurkirchen on keys! Yeah! Check him out.
This means my hands are finally free so I get to hold on to a drink whilst singing. Or do lots of other things…we’ll see.

Come around.
Or don’t.

See you. // trouble.

(PS: Arrowhead will be out in September although at this point I would prefer to just bury it in an archive somewhere with a label reading “nice try” in shaky handwriting.)